Yet another updated definition of "chutzpah"

I suppose as a writer I should appreciate the Bush-leaguers more than I do. In a few short years, they've provided more amazing definitions of "chutzpah" than were generated in the previous 100. This one's great:

They're off an running calling John Edwards "A wealthy trial lawyer."

Well, he IS wealthy, since he got very successful after his father, the factory worker, helped him through law school and he made his money representing people without any money, but who'd gotten maimed and mutilated by their employers.

And Monkey Boy is dissing him?

That little Richie Rich pissant? The schmuck who not only was born on third base, as they say, but never succeeded at anything in his life, always having his father's friends around to bail him out.

Oh, there was one thing he didn't actually run into the ground.

Daddy's pals bought him a seat on the Texas Rangers whereupon the first thing he did was trade Sammy Sosa away. Later, when he was finished jerking himself off over being a "major league owner," he sold his share for an obscene profit.

But he's failed miserably at managing pretty much everything else in his life his daddy bought for him with the kickback billions garnered from Saddam Hussein's kickbacks.

One possible success: Little Bush may go down in history as the person who brought on a case that will establish one of the greatest precedents of Constitutional Law -- whether or not an out-of-office President can be tried for crimes committed during his administration.

Unbelievable -- and he's going after Edwards as "wealthy?"

Even a GOP whore like Vanderleun couldn't find a way that's supposed to make sense. I could be wrong. Vanderleun used to be a very very smart fellow.


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