Just because we predicted it doesn't mean we're enjoying it

So ok, many of us foresaw this -- the inevitable disintegration of our presence in Iraq.

The Sunni's have left the government we set up, probably meaning nearly half of the country won't participate in the elections we've scheduled, probably meaning civil war.

More dead.

More maimed.

More families and villages destroyed.

More of our soldiers and Marines dead or broken.

More than a dozen of our people dead the first day into Falujah, and God knows (any God will do) God knows how many of their people blown to bits.

More people who were just trying to live their lives seeing their family ripped apart by "collateral damage," shouting the Arabic equivalent of "You motherfuckers!" and joining the nearest insurgency group.

It's been like watching a wheels-locked head-on skidding car crash in sloooww motion, hating it every second, certain there was only one way it could finish, and insanely furious that the people in charge didn't see it coming, or refused to see it coming, or denied they saw it coming (although few people really want to deal with that last possibility, with the magnitude of inhuman monstrosity that says about the Bushleague administration).

We hoped we were wrong, but we weren't.

"Nine Hundred Thousand pounds of steel, out of control,

She's more a roller coaster than the train I used to know."

Grateful Dead -- Tons of Steel

Anybody got an idea?


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