Kreaking Krepitatious Krepuscular Kerik Goes Back to His Cave

BBC NEWS | Americas | New US security chief pulls out:

Well, sure, it could be embarrassing for the man who's chosen to run Homeland Uber Alles Security Forces somehow not quite figuring out the woman in his home was illegal.

"The man chosen by President George W Bush to take over as the new US homeland security secretary has withdrawn his nomination.

Bernard Kerik took the decision after uncovering tax and immigration problems relating to his employment of a nanny."

But by withdrawing, the press loses interest ("Old news, man") so they won't follow up the taser story about how he plundered Homeland Security while TomRidge was dishing out the payoffs.

And even more, they probably won't go far enough to look into/uncover his ties to the Saudis.

Bush is pretty much committed to making sure no one finds it easy to get the lowdown on his down low relationship to the people who killed 3,000 civilians in New York, i.e., the Saudis.

Bush and his appointees -- the Cosa Barbecue-Nostra.


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