The Hoover Institution?

Didn't he engineer the onset of the Great Depression?

At what point do the newspapers and local TV news shows of the San Francisco Bay Area stop calling on the denizens of the Hoover Institute at Stanford and pretending they're objective political analysts?

Hell, they're even less objective than I am. They're a bunch of poseurs, shameless hacks and whores who compromised their academic credentials to audition for prestigious jobs in Republican administrations (like NSA Advisor or Secretary of Spike-Heeled S&M Games -- or did you think that her "You can ask me anything you want, but I resent you questioning my integrity" wasn't just heavy-leather bullshit.)

Not all are auditioning -- the rest are walking around demanding kudos and applause for the crimes they got away with in the previous Republican administration. (I do not know where the same types from the Democratic administrations go. We rarely see them or hear from them in the "liberal" press. Surely it couldn't be because they have, at long last, some sense of shame.)

Of course, the Hoover people's comments aren't as easy to predict verbatim as those of, say, Tony Blankely, he of the Reverend Moon Times of Washington, who sits porculently at the left-hand of John McLaughlin on McLaughlin's PBS Game Show -- but in degree of smugness, arrogance, and self-satisfied attitude, they're right in there.

Since their non-profit status grants them a tax exemption, we, the public, are picking up their share, i.e., we're paying our taxes to allow them to continue publicly kissing the ass of our Austrian friend in Sacramento and endorsing the first Republican President to have an administration that's more corrupt, more incompetent, and more determinedly disaster-bound that that of Mister Hoover, who, to his credit, before he became President, was a man of character and good works and actual compassion for the poor and suffering of the world. Unlike the present Incumbent who laughs at pleas for mercy and makes fun of those who beg for life.

The so-called reporters who short-cut their way into a story by calling Stanford -- these aren't reporters -- they're transcribers, emanuenses, punks, bitches, slaveys, gophers, yes-men, and the like.

Surely someone can do better.


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