Blair: London Blasts, Iraq War Not Linked

And here we all thought Tony Blair was the smart one --

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By ED JOHNSON Associated Press Writer

July 19,2005 | LONDON -- Prime Minister Tony Blair warned Tuesday against making a connection between the London bombings and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying that would be adopting the 'perverted' logic of terrorists.

A third of the people sampled in a British opinion poll published Tuesday thought Blair bore 'a lot of responsibility' for the attacks, because he joined the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq."

He went on to say that the terrorists who perped 9-11 had a different excuse, so there ... nyahh, nyahhh....


He seems to equate recognizing a monstrous act as being a reaction to the Iraq/Afghanistan business with justifying it...

Hey Tony -- no justification for murder.


Not now.

Not ever.

But that doesn't mean this couldn't possibly have anything to do with your decision to send your lads out to ride into the Valley of Death with Monkey Boy, because it may well.

Perhaps they'll name a sweater after you, too.


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