Top Cheney Aide Among Sources in CIA Story

"... In a first-person account in the latest issue of Time, Cooper said Rove ended their telephone conversation with the words, 'I've already said too much.' Cooper speculated that Rove could have been worried about being indiscreet or 'it could have meant he was late for a meeting or something else...'"

Or -- come on, do we really appear that stupid -- it could have very well meant, and most likely did, since that's the way it's usually used:

"Ooops, I just told you a very important secret -- ACCIDENTALLY -- what a mistake! But what a scoop for you -- Don't forget to report it."

But -- oh yeah, we're still pretending Rove and Lewis Libby and Dick Cheney are nice guys. Right.

Would you leave any of them alone in a cabin with your sister? OR your brother? Or even your dog?


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