Come on -- would you even let this guy stay alone in the house with your kids while you zipped down to the 7-11 to pick up some ice? Let alone carve out their future?
Look at that face -- it tells you all you need to know about the man --a LITTLE man, a mean, pissed off, angry, petty nasty motherfucker -- and no, that's not Osama he's looking at that way -- That's the Democrats in congress who were elected to their offices by people who didn't think Bush's agenda was necessarily written by God, people who might think he's somewhat less-than-honest about a few things. (Ooh, they say he HATES that, anyone making note of how many times he changes his story.) Mean, petty, nasty little rich-kid spoiled brat prick. (What's that? You say I'm not really objective about Monkey Boy? You think? Well, maybe not, ok -- no -- I admit it. And he speaks so very highly of me.)


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