AP Poll charts another drop in public belief in Bush as a Mensch -- CBS Poll shows they believe him to be a Nixon

--Not yet up to the point where we remind the schoolkids about the rate of free-fall acceleration being 120 feet per second per second, but that old image of Bush's level of popularity being not unlike a Turd (or a Turd Blossom) dropped off the top of the Bank of America Building is cropping up again.

"Only 42 percent of the public approve of the president's job performance; 55 percent don't. The same poll shows that, by a 50-48 percent margin, Americans now believe that their president is dishonest. Only 38 percent approve of the way he's handling the war in Iraq...

...In the latest CBS News poll, 77 percent of the American public believe that the Bush administration is either lying or hiding something about the outing of Valerie Plame. Only 12 percent say the White House is telling 'the entire truth.'"

In plain talk -- it's bad enough that he and his lads are forcibly sodomizing us all, but what often causes the American public to rise up in anger is when the Big Boys try to convince us it was just a thermometer and they were taking our temperature as part of their National Health Coverage. (Like the Medicare Drug Benefits.)


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