Is America's War Winding Up? - by Pat Buchanan

"Is America preparing to pull out of Iraq without victory?

Are we ready to leave that war-ravaged land without any assurance a free, democratic, pro-Western Iraq will survive? Is President Bush willing to settle for less than we all thought?

So it would seem. For it is difficult to draw any other conclusion from the just-completed Rumsfeld mission.

Standing beside our defense secretary in Baghdad, Prime Minister Ibrahim al Jaafari called for the speedy withdrawal of U.S. forces. The top U.S. commander, Gen. George Casey, also standing beside Rumsfeld, said "fairly substantial" withdrawals of the 135,000 U.S. troops in Iraq could begin by spring.

This seems astonishing, when hawkish critics of Bush are saying we need more, not fewer U.S. troops, if we hope to win this war..."

Or it's possible that even the blockhead sociopathic god-mongers in the Bush administration have actually accepted some reality:

1. We toppled the regime of a blood enemy of the Iranian Shi'a and drove the entire country of Iraq into a close alliance with Iran ("Axis -- Bold as Love" replaces "Axis of Evil?")

2. Someone finally realized that our presence in Iraq is what is driving the Resistance, it's US they want out of there. Or, perhaps they finally got some Arabic-speaking intelligence agents to explain tothem that "JIHAD" means "Driving the invaders out."

3. Bush may not need to run for re-election, but all the Republican congressmen do, plus 1/3 of the senators, and they're back home now, for the month, hearing what the "boots on OUR ground" have to say about this administration pissing away all our money on George W Bush's latest failure (same as every other unfinished failed project he started) and causing thousands of American guys in uniform to die, be maimed, or mentally mutilated by the horror of it all, merely to enrich Cheney and his pals from Halliburton. (Anyone acutally LOOKING for the most recent missing 9 BILLION dollars?)

4. Maybe it's just Bush's Attention Deficit Disorder (see # 3) and he's bored.

5. Or, to address Mr.Buchanan's last question posted above: no one actually believes we can win this war anymore ... either reality or depression has settled in.


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