Intelligent Design -- or Pigs is Pigs

It's interesting to notice the general lack of intelligence among the people who lobby for "Intelligent design" (aka Stealth Creationism) .

I used to think something similar about people who told me "Pigs is REALLY smart, y'know? REALLY intelligent." Most of the people who say this have seen pigs cry when they hoisted upside down and cut their throats.

Same with Pope Bent-Dick the Impaler leading the charge against Evolution (and Harry Potter for that matter.)

When I used to teach Zoomobile, take animals to school classrooms, and the school was Catholic, I would always mention "You know, this lesson you requested has a lot to do with evolution. Is that going to be a problem?"

And the answer I got, whether from nun or priest was essentially the same as one so beautifully-said by a nun:

"We're a mystery religion. We don't presume to think we know how he did it."

Apparently the new Pope does presume to think that.

Whew, remember the old saw: "power tends to corrupt? And absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely?"

Well, the New Vicar of Christ on Earth may have resisted the temptation to pork little boys (even though he managed to smile indulgently on those who do) but he lasted -- what? -- three days in the job before he seemingly said "Fuck it. I AM the Lord!"

(Who me? An enemy of God? Not a chance. I don't hate God -- I just hate signifying, hypocritical, sadistic, power-freaks who try to pretend that THEY are the ones, that the only way to commune with said God is to kiss their ring, or kiss their robe, or kiss their ass, or kiss their willies.

I don't even know if there IS any thing like what they call God, so how could I hate that putative being? I only know that pederasty or not, according to the brightest Catholic School grads I've known, whether you put it in their ears as the absolutist terror-fear-death-hatred syndrome they call "God's Love" or up their butts as "Now Willy, I'm your priest and I know what's best," its ALL child abuse.)

(Just for the record, pigs are quite intelligent, although I can't necessarily say the same for their propagandists. After all, they only say that because the porkers consistently beat them at chess. Animals are intelligent, they just -- mostly -- don't play video games or crave instant messaging -- and if evolution is an intelligence test, then apparently they're a lot more intelligent than humans, from turtles to tarantulas, from viruses to vultures, from alligators to zebras. How long have THEY been around? And how long have/will we?)


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