A Time of Change

Israelis, Palestinians and the Disengagement

As Israel's evacuation of approximately 9,000 Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank gets under way this week, The Chronicle is following one settler family as they confront the reality of losing their home.

--I get it, I even have to salute Ariel Sharon, a man I consider to have spent his life as a murdering beast, for taking what may be the only step possible toward a peaceful future....

What I don't get is why, once the settlers are out of there, the IDF is going to tear down the houses. Some sort of 'dog-in-the-manger' gesture? "We're leaving YOUR land, but we're taking all the toys we can and destroying the rest? Meaning the Palestinians will not only have to build anew, but also have to clear out the rubble left behind.

There was a "poor them, oh boo-hoo" article about a family from the United States that moved there 6 years ago, and how terrible it was to leave their home. The fact that they will receive $500,000 compensation AND free land was buried down in the 10th paragraph.

Did the Palestinians receive any compensation when they had to leave?

I am NOT an enemy of people who live in Israel, Jews or Christians or Muslims, but can some concept of FAIRNESS be appreciated, at least, even if not practiced?


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