CAMPAIGN COUNTDOWN / Governor has most to lose in election / He needs a victory to go for 2nd term

That's all you need to know about the upcoming election here in California... his initiatives lose, we get to lose the Austrian thug.

In service of helping create better government, I'm sharing my special technique for deciding which way to vote on initiatives:

First of all, I look at the flyer sent out by the Democratic ladies --

Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, and the one Liberal Fascist -- Diane Feinstein. Anything they say to vote NO on, I vote AGAINST.

Then I look over their recommendations again. Anything they say to vote YES on, I vote AGAINST.

Then I look at anything sent by blandly-named groups "American for American Stuff," "Americans for Better Stuff," "Californians for better California Stuff."

Since I know these to be real estate, pharmaceutical, out-of-state companies, etc., whatever they're for, I vote AGAINST.

Then I look at anything recommended by my registered party, the Libertarians -- easy one there, since they're ALWAYS against ANYTHING. The Libertarian catch phrase?

"We need change/reform/regulation/enemas in this area --

Never is.

So, as Groucho Marx sang with the wisdom of a wealthy son of immigrants:

"Whatever it is -- I'm AGAINST it."

Can't go wrong with that as a guide, and it WILL help us to better government.

Doesn't matter how many ad campaigns say "Don't tie our --------s hands."

Oh please, tie them, duct tape them, whip them -- whatever we can do to make people STOP FIXING THINGS will be for our betterment.

If you're over 35 you know by now it's never gonna change -- they'll only make it worse.

When in doubt -- vote NO on everything.


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