Dear Ahnold -- tomorrow is election day -- will you stop whining THEN?

What he said:

"They're trying to scare you and make me look like I want to be dictator of California."

Based on what his people did in the recall, and what the Bushies did in the 2004 election, they would have quoted him like this:

"I want to be dictator of California."

My general impression:

"Since Day One, you've been acting as if you want to be the dictator of California."

I realize your dad was a cop and a Nazi, and that's a combination that doesn't necessarily provide much of a role model as someone tolerant of and/or respectful of other people's right to differ and live, but you're over here, so get over it.

No one forced you to be a Republican -- in fact, you had a pretty good entree into the Democratic Party. Well, at least you had a pretty good entree into a Democrat.

But you chose to ride with the Bush Gang, so stop whining. Grow up. Be a man.

That's how your own pals play the game -- go hang out with Terrell Owens if you want to cry and blame everyone else for your own stupid failures.


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