And all across America, NFL fans are chewing the rug in frustration at not having been there to see it

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From Fantasy to Reality

I swear, this has to be a setup. It's just too cliche to be true, isn't it? Because what could make straight guys happier than reading this story:

"Two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders were charged after their arrest at a bar where witnesses told police the women had sex in a restroom. ...

Witnesses said the women were having sex in a stall with each other, angering patrons waiting in line to get into the restroom at the club in the Channelside district."

Live sex between lesbian cheerleaders: a plot line straight out of a porn flick.

Obviously, only the female patrons were perturbed. The male patrons, had they known what was going on in the stall, would have been perturbed by the long line of full-bladdered women blocking their view.


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