Governor accuses his foes of scare tactics

Los Angeles -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the final televised forum before Tuesday's special election, charged Sunday that his opponents were desperately trying to frighten voters out of backing his four-initiative blueprint for change.

"They're trying to scare you and make me look like I want to be dictator of California,'' he said.

--- well, let's go back and review -- when you finally grudgingly did a debate, acting as if Your Majesty was being oh so grand to allow anyone to question you, you shouted down every other candiidate on the panel, but especially beat up on the female ones.

Then you came in smoking the kind of cigars that make you look as if you're sucking on a giant turd, telling the legislature (people who, just incidentally, we, the people of California, ELECTED to represent us, however poorly they may do it) that it was your way or no way.

You insulted their manhood -- even worse insulted every woman in America because you obviously decided the worst insult you could hurl at the politicians was to call them "girlie men," implying somehow that ALL women were as venal and corrupt as our wonderful State Legislature. (Yeah, I know about the Saturday Night Live bits from 30 years ago. It was funny when it made fun of YOU. Not funny when you use it to push people around.)

You didn't want to negotiate with anyone -- hell, you didn't even want to do your job, instead spending all your time fundraising from here to Hell-and-gone.

You spent more and got us further into debt than the man you replaced based on him getting us into debt.

In other words -- just so as not to hurt your delicate Austrian feelings and NOT say you were acting like some Nazi gauleiter Hitler wannabe -- let's just say you gave every indication that you thought you WERE the Dictator of California (see below).

So let's hope ALL your initiatives go down and that drives a stake in your political heart, because we've seen your Bully Boy Act before and it's just stupid, tired, and hateful.

Or as Father Doherty used to say: "How about you just bleedin' fuck off, boy?"


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