Echolalia in the Republican Party

The neurological disorder known as echolalia is characterized by a person repeating the words someone else has said.

In the neurological disorder known as the Bush Administration, it's called "talking points."

Dick Cheney shot another fellow while hunting -- accident .... accident .... accident ... accident...

Mary Matalin tells us that Cheney is very unhappy about it but he didn't do anything he shouldn't have done ... anything he shouldn't have done ... anything he shouldn't have done...

In this specific, truly insignificant (but amusing) incident (amusing to anyone but Mr. Whittington, the recipient of Mr. Cheney's birdshot blast) it is important to remember, anything said by Mary Matalin, Bill O'Reilly, Brit Hume, Chris Wallace, et al IS HEARSAY ... it's WHAT THEY"VE BEEN TOLD TO SAY.

Or as the old old saying goes:


NO, they vassn't dere, any more than the Bushies were there in Vietnam, or there in Iraq, or there in the unemployment line.

And of course, anything Scott McClellan says is always HEARSAY.
Good boy Scott, here's a cookie.

Doesn't anyone else find it disconcerting that these people are paid a lot of money to go out and say their lines and call it news? And attack anyone who disagrees with what they said, even though they have no way of knowing whether or not there's any fact or truth in what they said.

And then people who are more or less actual journalists write it down and call it news. Doesn't disturb you? Not even after the 711,422 lies already said and exposed by this administration's hench-creatures? Like the not-very-swift liars of the Swioft Boat set?


Well then, William Blake was right, insofar as that goes, when he says (and this may be truly horrible to contemplate while MonkeyBoy and his Masters are sitting in the Seat of Power) ---

"People don't get what they deserve -- they get what they resemble."

As in -- "He's just like us -- ignorant as shit and proud of it."

(Ignorant in its literal meaning, i.e., refusing to learn anything that person doesn't want to learn, usually because it might not reinforce the supposed facts the person already knows.)

If he's our reflection in a mirror -- even in a dark mirror, then we ALL have a lot of self-reflection, contemplation, and decision-making to do.


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