No End to Questions in Cheney Hunting Accident


Just how far above the law does our Vice Presidential Storm Trooper wannabe think he is?
How far above the law IS HE?

Aside from deciding he doesn't need to get the same license ever OTHER asshole with a gun needs by Texas law, Ms Armstrong is a LOBBYIST who does business with the feds -- and there's Dickhead Cheney, accepting a weekend at her ranch.

Do we detect a little bit of contempt for the opinions of the American Public about government people accepting bribe-gifts from lobbyists?

("Oh, I don't THINK I ever lobbied HIM," said the little lady. -- No, she just bribed him with weekends of gals and guns and it was all tacit, implicit, wink-wink, smooch- smooch.)

"Among the people with him at the Armstrong Ranch in South Texas was his host Katharine Armstrong, a lobbyist and longtime friend of Mr. Cheney. Her lobbying clients include several that do business with the federal government, though Ms. Armstrong said she did not believe that she had ever lobbied Mr. Cheney...

Texas officials said on Monday night that Mr. Cheney would be issued a warning citation for hunting without a proper game stamp on his license. The local sheriff said an investigation had concluded that the episode was "no more than an accident."

Another question I have -- if it was just a minor peppering with shot, HOW COME MR. WHITTINGTON WAS IN INTENSIVE CARE SATURDAY AND SUNDAY?

What a piece of work is Mr. Cheney.

What a piece of detritus is Mr. Cheney.

He's got total contempt for all of us and we just take it.

And if we take it ...

and if we take the $mulit- billion free oil payoff (no royalties) from our national lands...

and if we take the 292% increase in profits Halliburton has made from the killing of Iraqi's and Americans ....

if we take it all without a word...

We fucking well DESERVE his contempt, that sneering, sleazy venomous spider who hides out in dark places and leaps out to pretend he's a man from time to time.

We deserve contempt for our passivity.


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