What kind of woosie pissant whining babies are Republicans?

I watched Washington Journal on CSPAN this morning, as I do most mornings.

This morning the phones -- for the first 45 minutes -- were open ONLY to Republicans because the question was about the state of the Republican Party.

Ok, and then it was all whining babies --

"We can't do what we want because the Democrats..."
"The liberal media..."
"The Democrats..."
"Teddy Kennedy..."
"Nancy Pelosi and Michael Moore..."

In a time with the largest majority since FDR had nearly free rein over the government, they're STILL complaining that they can't get anything done (like packing the Supreme Court or going to war in Iraq or turning Social Security over to the president's pals) because the Democrats -- the powerless, disorganized, vision-lacking Dem0crats won't let them, and the liberal media is so negative.

Oh and:

"I resent you asking this question (What is the state of the Republican Party?) because it implies that the Republican Party is in trouble, and that's not true."

And oh yeah, a few conservative callers who expressed disappointment and displeasure with Bush's version of being Republican, who regretted having voted for him, regretted the largest increase in size of govt, largest deficit and debt in history, etc...

But mostly it was all the Deomcrats' and the Liberal Media's fault that ... what?... that Monkey Boy hadn't been made King for Life?

"I love Mr Bush and Mr Rumsfeld and Mr Cheney and think they're wonderful people."

I know Democrats can easily be just as biased and blinded to their own party's faults, but really -- did the Democrats whine in the 30's when FDR couldn't pack the Supreme Court completely?

These callers seem to be people who regard anyone who doersn't agree with that simpering piece of shit from Texas (gee, I guess I'm one) as traitors, people who don't belong in America, people who have no right to have THEIR opinions heard.

What a bunch of babies!



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