The cumulative effect of mudslinging...

Throwing feces at each other like demented apes, our two Democratic wannabe governors ran it down to a close finish -- reaping THE SMALLEST TURNOUT OF VOTERS IN STATE HISTORY.

And now they're friends -- Westly called and conceded to Angelides and offered to help. So it's all bygones being bygones -- to THEM.

To us, is just confirms our opinion that when you have either money or the political machine behind you, the players exemplify the late Arlen Riley Wilson's philosophical pronouncement, that where politicians are concerned: "The scum rises to the top."

And after each go-round they shrug and smile and say "Well, that's the way the game is played."

Race-baiting: Bush pere with Willy Horton and Bush fil with McCain's alleged negro love child, Bill Clinton publicly slapping down Sister Souljah -- accusations of criminality: Hillary Clinton murdered Vince Foster, Adlai Stevenson murdered his brother -- the earliest political statement I can recall.

Also, back after the Stevenson runs, when, referring to my Democrat family, I was told that supposed fact and also that anyone who voted Democrat was a Communist and a Traitor --- hmm, that one hasn't changed in 50+ years.

Oh and of course sexual and spiritual degeneracy: Hilary is a lesbian witch -- yeah, but how is she degenerate? -- GW Bush is Gay -- the idea of that man having sex with anything is repulsive, but to some of us, Gay is not OUR way but no worse than Straight -- and sometimes more Christian and forgiving.

And THEY, the politicians, pass it off, but we - cumulatively, wonder about each and every candidate and elected official AND...

We look for -- and FIND -- that they really ARE the criminal, vicious, thieving swine their opponents (either in the same party or the opposing one -- doesn't matter) said they were.

What is more obscene than Phil Angelides mouthing total bullshit the morning after his victory?

"I believe we can have the best schools inthe world." And we ALL add the unspoken -- "Not that I'm going to do anything about making them way, just that I believe it."

Probably -- if Westly had won, seeing HIM prance and posture in a similar manner.

They are ALL scum and they ALL (regardless of party) owe a gigantic debt to Bush & Company for having -- right out of the gate -- made it illegal to even openly THINK about what they might look like through the crosshairs.

And that's funny, because those of us who don't own guns or rifles, who never would get past imagining it -- we're the ones who might talk about it.

The guys who are serious about it -- the Minutemen of the 50's and 60's and their heirs ("We have a list of politicians we're going to shoot as soon as the Russians invade." True quote) don't ever talk openly about it -- they just play with bullets and fertilizer in their basements. Vicious fucks who will blow up secretaries and janitors.

(Although, as a former mediocre poet, the idea of offing a politician with a compound made of fertilizer has a certain appeal for its appropriate irony. BUT ONLY as a concept, a fictional motif. No irony in the reality -- just hideous pain and destruction.)

Note to the FBI -- I don't do stuff like this and I certainly don't advocate it because when anyone does it, the replacement is ALWAYS TWICE as paranoid, TWICE as scared and TWICE as vicious.

Those of use who haven't spent our lives playing with guns, spent our time reading things like Aesop's Fables, like the story of the Frogs who wanted a King. (The moral -- "You're only going to make it worse.")

But the contempt and anger and hositlity people feel toward these criminal jerks when they're in office -- posturing and telling us they want to SERVE US ("It's a -- gasp -- a cookbook!") is no more than the logical result of listening to THEIR statements during the election process and actually thinking about those statements -- something they apparently DON'T do.

At least now -- the rest of June and July, possibly even August -- we will have a sort of respite from the tree-killing self-promotions that go from printing press to mailman to recycling bin. And from the phone calls -- either live or taped.

And only get messed with by underemployed people asking us if we're happy with our long distance service and could we spend 5 minutes to answer a survey? (Sure, I'll help out -- the answer is "NO.")


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