Well, at least Rob Reiner isn't going to "do an Ahhnold" and -- God Forbid!! -- ride a State Initiative Proposition into the governor's mansion from which he can spend ALL his time telling us ALL how insensitive we are and how perfect he is...

and, sorry Ann Coulter -- it ain't because he's "liberal.."
It's because he's an obnoxious, idiotic, "hey momma, hey poppa look at me" know-it-all cunt just like you. (Ooops, if we're talking about you, Missy Ann, it should be spelled with a capital-C.)

Perhaps now he'll go try to settle it out with daddy Carl and leave us to live out lives as we see fit.

(I am FIRMLY convinced the Prop 82 was soundly defeated, NOT because it was bad law -- hell, we pass so many of those out here, that's not an issue -- it's because Rob Reiner was connected to it -- he's never gotten over playing his one successful role -- Meathead -- so he just keeps on playing it again and again and again. Only now, he want to make it illegal for us to yawn and change the channel.)


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