George Bush Sr. asked retired general to replace Rumsfeld

George Bush Sr. asked retired general to replace Rumsfeld

The former president's secret campaign to oust the secretary of defense was rebuffed by President Bush, a source says.

By Sidney Blumenthal

June 8, 2006 | Former President George H.W. Bush waged a secret campaign over several months early this year to remove Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. The elder Bush went so far as to recruit Rumsfeld's potential replacement, personally asking a retired four-star general if he would accept the position, a reliable source close to the general told me. But the former president's effort failed, apparently rebuffed by the current president. When seven retired generals who had been commanders in Iraq demanded Rumsfeld's resignationin April, the younger Bush leapt to his defense. "I'm the decider and I decide what's best. And what's best is for Don Rumsfeld to remain," he said. His endorsement of Rumsfeld was a rebuke not only to the generals but also to his father. The elder Bush's intervention was an extraordinary attempt to rescue simultaneously his son, the family legacy and the country.

---- what makes this interesting to me in a semi-Freudianistic way is that way back in the year 2000, I saw Donald Rumsfeld on CSPAN, giving some sort of speech and I said to my wife:

"Wow -- Poppy Bush really looks good. Think he's got a painting of himself degenerating in the attic?"

Is Rumsfeld the "Higher" Father Bushwah talks about?


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