So maybe there was a GOOD reason Kerry didn't say anything in 2004

Once again, I can only say,

"Dear Senator Kerry -- you had the national public stage in 2004 and you didn't say jack-shit.

So now that it's too late, as a long-time (and former) Democrat, I'd respectfully request that you SHUT THE FUCK UP."

White House-And Dems-Want Kerry Apology

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By JENNIFER LOVEN Associated Press Writer

November 01,2006 | WASHINGTON -- A few Democratic candidates joined Republicans Wednesday in pressing John Kerry to apologize for a comment critics said appeared disrespectful of U.S. troops as several Kerry campaign appearances were canceled...

At issue is Kerry's comment, to a group of California students on Monday, that people unable to succeed in the U.S. educational system would likely "get stuck in Iraq." Kerry says he merely botched a speech line written to be critical of Bush, while Republicans seized on it as evidence of troop-bashing by the Democratic party's 2004 presidential nominee.

Of course, Tony Snow, who does the public hand-jobs for the administration (while Ari Fleischer can only sit at home and wish he'd been able to straight-face that well) spinning gold out of the vile shite that Cheney and Bush speak -- their accusations of disloyalty at least and treason at best of anyone who disagrees with their completely useless policy in Iraq, their ACTUAL betrayal of the men and women wearing the uniform-- Tony Snow is the least acceptable person around to give a little ginger slap to Kerry or anyone else.


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