Weird dream this morning

One of those dreams when you've been unable to fall back asleep and have it thinking you're still awake.

I was talking to an actress I used to know-- haven't seen her in many many years -- except once in a while as character on a network TV show episode (no clues -- she was a very nice lady, no reason to believe she'd want her name tangled up with the sort of virulent nonsense I put on this blog).

But --

Since I hadn't seen her in many years, we were talking about her career and what she'd been doing, etc and then she said "Of course those shows are just gossip -- with guns."

And I said, "Well, don't undervalue gossip. Modern medicine is based on it. Middle ages and leeches and evil humours and flux -- and two so-called doctors in a medium-sized town in Germany were talking about doctor stuff -- how to get more fees, golf scores, etc -- and one of them said to the other: 'I have an idea. Let's spread the word that we know how to cure the pox. Then we'll not only get more patients, we'll find out who's been screwing who and have enough good gossip to be invited to dinner all the time.' And of course, as years wen't by, they actually had to begin to find an actual cure.'"

And then I woke up.


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