There's a reason little Monkeyboy Georgie labels the Democrats' Iraq proposal a "mistake"

It works hand in glove (or perhaps hand up in the sock puppet president) with his statements in defense of his cute and somewhat effeminate-looking attorney general, and with, of course, his total inability to EVER admit his adventure in Iraq might have been a ---!!GASP!! A m-m-m-m...


To Monkeyboy, the greatest terror of all is that M word...


Well, that's one of them, maybe where it came from, but the KILLER is you can
EVER make a... MISTAKE!!

Because if you EVER did, then the other guys would...


This is the syndrome you see in someone who is a congenital fuckup but who grew up in a place where PERFECTION was absolutely IMPERATIVE -- he might have been a rather congenial fellow (some people who hang out with him think he has definite remnants of that still occasionally visible)if he had not been abused and tortured into having to be "as good as..."
as what?
As someone?

Instead he turned into a terrified little boy hiding out in the body of a man who works and works as a gym rat to increase his appearance of manliness, stands in what he considers a "tough" posture, even though he prances rather than walks, talks tough like "You can run but you can't hide..." "Bring 'em on..."

It's why he's terrified of the bad evil people in Iran and Syria, why he can't possibly dare to meet with any of them, can't get into the same room with any of them because his strength will disappear and he'll be weak and they'll throw him down, drop his pants and peanut-butter his balls ... or do something worse.

It's why, when he sees the people of America and the world demand that we get the hell out of Iraq, he interprets as "They want me to modify our course..."

The wisest politician I've heard in years called it by its rightful name in last night's Democratic Laugh-In, the one they called a debate:

"The war was lost the day we invaded Iraq."

He also called it by its rightful name when he talked about the men and women who have "died in vain."

And when all the headless chickens who want to be the Democratic nominee for president squawked at that, clucking that it's a terrible thing to say, and oh my... and he said

"The thing that's worse than soldiers dying in vain is MORE soldiers dying in vain."

Ultimately, the man CAN'T LEARN ANYTHING because he can NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER admit he was EVER EVER EVER WRONG, that he EVER EVER EVER made an M-word in his pants.

This is what happens when we have a president whose emotional age is 7 year old.


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