I hadn't realized that Karl Rove had been one of Donald Segretti's Dirty Tricks jokers.

The ratfuckers, they called themselves, the Nixon guys who came from tour guiding at Disneyland and pushing authoritarian ads at J.Walter Thompson ("oh ain't we so cute when we commit felonies?")

But the prosecution thought he was too small time to worry about.

So they let him live. (Too bad for us.)

As to him being prosecuted for a felony, bear in mind, he has dual citizenship with Germany, where his grandfather was one of the engineers who designed the Birkenau portion of Auswchitz (there were three parts, like Gaul or the Trinity, and Birkenau was the part with the gas chambers and ovens).

(I guess he spent his life thinking "Well, I'm not as bad as gramps."

We'll see -- he may ultimately have caused even MORE pain.)


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