Is the right wing right when they say we WANT the US to lose the war in Iraq?

Actually, yes.

Don't want our military people to get killed or wounded.

I want THEM to get to go home.

But looking at the long-term view of America, what will be best for us, for the country itself -- definitely -- would be losing this war and skulking our way home.

Even if we COULD win it, we shouldn't.

A pro-war fellow today admitted on Chris Matthews' show that the real reason we have gone in and destroyed Iraq and its people was to secure the empire with military bases in the Middle East.

Matthews was dumbfounded that this doofus would actually admit that.

But of course, the first Iraq war was fomented in order to get a base in Saudi Arabia.

Unfortunately, when Afghani Freedom Fighter Osama ben Ladn came home to Riyadh to ask for money to put together an army and go into Iraq and kill Saddam Hussein (not his ally) he was outraged to discover that the USA had defiled the sacred soil of the land the British Crown had given them for helping T. E. Lawrence change the map for THAT empire's convenience.

Basically, he told his father "Fuck you, too," and went back to Afghanistan to plan his attacks on the World Trade Center. First one (during Bill Clinton's presidency) was perp'd by morons.

The goons who pulled off the second were almost ALL Saudi men.

Ben Ladn's hope was that he would seriously fuck up the USA (which he did) and that THEN, since we would know that the perps of the mass murder that came to be known as 9-11 were all from the 'hood -- that we would then go after the Saudi Royals and take down those who conspired with us.

We didn't of course -- didn't even question the people who knew the dive bombers.

Free pass to Bush's Daddy's pals.

So Bush and Rove and Cheney and Wolfie and the rest, cooked up this bullshit to stampede congress and the public into rubber-stamping an invasion of Iraq.

So ...

the reason that losing this war is so vitally important to and necessary for the future health of our country is to discredit this form of sanctioned plunder and murder forever (which, as we've seen since Vietnam, means maybe 20 years).

On the other hand (don't say I never said anything nice about Monkey Boy) the good thing that The Resident of the United States (Mr. 43) has done has been to so totally fuck up the power grab his family has been working on for the past 100 years (see Kevin Phillips' American Dynasty) as to shine a light on it and seriously diminish any chance of them COMPLETELY destroying the constitution and turning the USA back into a Bush-league Monarchy.

Ain't gonna happen now because we all know what they're up to.

Sorry Jeb.



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