ORDERS OF THE DAY -- Talking Point Code Word is AL QUAEDA

Attention: Politicians, military officers, pundits, and all the rest of you Echolalian morons out there:

The almost totally discredited Bush League administration has been given one final (we can only hope) parting gift from Herr Rove --

"Anything that happens that's bad? Say Al Quaeda... Al Quaeda in Iraq ... forces killed an Al Quaeda official ... it was an Al Quaeda affiliated group."

(Al Quaeda is the new "liberal.)

Just say it over and over and over again ... resurrect that old "dancin' in the streets song" --

It was Al Quaeda Al Quaeda Al Quaeda -- they'll be totentanzing in the streets .. in Detroit .. in Philadelphia, PA .. in Boston .. in Fallujah .. in Baghdad .. in Darfur .. just say it over and over and over and over again... and maybe sooner or later, people who don't remember the way that device was used in Vietnam ("If it's dead, it was VC") won't catch it in Vietnam II: The Sequel.

Too bad that Al Quaeda, which according to CIA people didn't actually exist until the terrified kiddies in Washington ("We're rich, they're communists...aiyeee!") gave it a name to encompass a whole bunch of independent groups who were pissed off at our intrusive economic and cultural presence in their home towns ... BUT too bad they're not like the Hell's Angels who took action when some pissants in Dubuque started using their name and fabricating copies of their colors. I'm told that various members of the actual Hell's Angels made it a point to visit them and suggest they either come up to standards or stop.

So remember:

"If bodies are broken -- it was Al Quaeda.
If lives are lost -- it was Al Quaeda.
If women are raped -- it was Al Quaeda.
If people are tortured -- it was Al Quaeda.
If 200 people are blown to shit because of their religion, it's Al Quaeda (or George W Bush).

Al Quaeda all the time -- under your bed, in your closet, under the sink, coming up through the pipes in your toilet... it's AL QUAEDA AL QUAEDA AL QUAEDA.

It's not a UFO -- it's AL Quaeda.
It's not a mugging -- it's Al Quaeda.
They're not "illegal immigrants -- they're AL QUAEDA OPERATIVES sneaking into America.

---and oh yeah, you can mention the fact that the so-called Al Quaeda in Iraq NEVER takes credit for anything we say they did, but we'd rather you didn't.

It's the mantra the Republicans and the Liebermans and the Hillaries and the rest of the "kill 'em all" sociopaths in say as they circle the toilet bowl, refusing to believe they're getting flushed out with all the rest of the foul smelling stuff.


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