OK, maybe I was unfair

Unkind and possibly unfair to say what I did below (A Riddle: "What does one lying sack of shit say to the other lying sack of shit?)

Maybe it's what -- in this photo -- what does a true believer bozo lifer "only following orders" career Army officer say to the lying sack of shit who's his chain of command top dog --
"Tell me what I need to do, sir."
"General -- I didn't appoint you to lie -- I know you wouldn't do that.
I appointed you because you actually believe this shit we've been shovelling all over the American public. So, stay the course."

I do NOT think General Petraeus is a liar.
He just lives in a fantasy world that he calls "reality" since the world he creates when doing his job is populated with torn and dying men and women screaming in pain, insanely stoked live bodies screaming in aggressive angers, and rotting dead bodies that just lie there and don't say anything at all -- until they swell up in the sun and explode.

I'm sure he's a fine man with lots of integrity.

It's just that his job -- his career -- is to obediently go out and kill people wherever he's told to by whichever second-rate asshole had a rich daddy to buy his way into the Commander-in-Chief slot.

And that makes me suspect.

In fact, the entire General staff being willing to serve under this Texas Terrorist and not resign, is suspect.


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