The sleaziest, most perverted, most vicious, most despicable Iraq ploy yet -- is Karl Rove back?

Freedom's Watch, the towel boy for the Bush Administration's giant fuckover of Iraq, is running TV commercials that pretend to be using the words of the actual maimed and crippled soldiers and marines who fought there, but which betray their scripting.

First of all, as in every war, the foot soldier is the one least likely to have any idea how the overall war is going. They know if they're doing all they can, and I have no issue as to whether or not the troops are doing all they can. But they're tactical cogs in a strategic wheel, and they never see the whole picture. Usually, however, their confidence is justified, that someone, somewhere actually DOES see the whole picture, actually DOES have a real strategy.

So the administration uses these people who are patriotic enough, sincere enough, innocent enough and/or dumb enough to believe that this president and his puppeteers have actually sent them in to suffer and die in good faith and for an actually explicit cause (rather than a covert plundering of our own and Iraq's resources for their pals) instead of lying, cynically using them, and only giving them proper medical care grudgingly when they get caught shorting the veterans.

So when I see someone like the tragically manipulated former Marine Andrew Robinson talk to the camera about how we're winning in Iraq and how he "hears congress talk about surrendering..." I know he's saying what he was told to say.

"Surrender" is the completely inappropriate bullshit term used by the Karl Roverer faction to pretend there is anyone there to whom we would surrender.

We may lose this misbegotten criminal power grab, but the only surrender involved is one we ardently hope for -- that the Bush Adminstration surrenders to the American Public, to the Constitution, or -- a fellow can hope -- to the next administration's FBI warrants to turn them all over to the World Court to be tried for Crimes Against Humanity.

Write your congressman, he says.

You see, the fact that the voters of America want this monstrous criminal action ended doesn't count at all to the people who ride high on two stolen presidential elections.

The loss of so many of our people and the Iraqis' people to death, dismemberment, and/or devastating injury doesn't mean jack shit to Monkey Boy and the rest of his Rec Room Patriots, all of whom were just too goddamn precious to answer the draft call when it was their turn.

They know what it's like to be a band of brothers -- but only to the other sniggering, sniveling, smirking rich kids, or the mean, foul-mouthed poor kids who got an intro to the money river, but they haven't got a clue about what actual love of country means to anyone who is willing to serve it instead of using others' love of country to steal from it.

They treat those who serve for love of country like damaged refuse, but some of the inriguists know ENOUGH about that love of country to use them in shameless despicable fashion, as with Andrew Robinson, to feed the Halliburton vampires on their blood.

It's "my country right or wrong."
It's NOT "this particular administration right or wrong."
Unless Bush and his cronies are convinced (as it seems) of L'etat cest moi.

If only there were some other party besides the Republicans to make a stand. Not all the Republicans agree with Bush and his Flying Purple Monkeys, but those who don't are intimidated into submission and co-operation.

When I was a kid, there was this thing called The Democrats, and there were people who actually didn't always agree with and/or bend over for the Republicans.

Wish there were some of them around today.

And just in case someone might think I'm just being partisan, a disgruntled Democrat, I'll finish this ramble asking aloud what a friend of mine, Kayla, asked aloud the other night -- "What happened to Nancy Pelosi?"

My guess?

She got close enough to the center of power to become victim to instant corruption.

Or someone threatened her children or grandchildren.

Or whatever whatever whatever, she just decided to punk out and betray everyone who had some hope she actually meant what she'd said.

Her and Senator Reid, and Diane Feinstein, and all the rest -- just punked out and obviously scared shitless for anyone to point a finger at them.

Well, most of us are showing a finger TO them.

Except for Barbara Lee and a very few others.

So -- hello Democrats, political party I used to support:

Fuck you too, you second-rate snivelling shit bags. As the anthropologist said: "You bacame what you beheld. Looked too long at Monkey Boy and became one of his slaveys.

Scared of someone saying poo-poo to you?

You don't deserve to hold office -- none of you.


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