As this endless primary season winds down to a close

and after all those months of

"Oh I like this one," and

"He's not (she's not) so bad -- could be a good president,"and

"What a doofus" and

"I dunno know. They all seem to lack something."

(I guess the advantage of an excruciatingly long primary season is that the sound bite supply and the short phony smiles wear off and we get to see more of what they really may be like -- unless the real person underneath is ALSO an act)

So, what comes to mind is the poetically succinct statement by a poet who never backed off of a controversial principle (i.e, not a whole lot of people in the USA who opposed entry into WWII):

"As far and deep as a tiger's frown, so my greetings, O leaders of the world, to you."

Kenneth Patchen

Or as the late Arlen Riley Wilson put it, more succinctly if a bit less elegantly:

"The Scum Rises to the top."



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