Refacing Government Tender

Green Lantern Lincoln

wow, i'm surprised how much everyone likes this. it's just something i've been toying around with every now and then, it all started when i would draw glasses or beards on money with the counterfeit pen on the registers at work and just grew in to a hobby. also, keep in mind that a lot of these were taken with camera phones or in low lighting moments before i had to spend them (i'm a poor college student, of course i spent them, i can't afford to keep a collection of twenties somewhere). the quality is getting better, but be lenient. thanks! and tell your friends!

items are from between 08 Sep 2007 & 31 Mar 2008.


There are a total of 60 here

Check them out

They're all quite nifty and besides, this is 60 counts of violating a federal law against defacing money (making money worth nada through war and mismanagement doesn't count)

Give it some appreciation before he's busted and the blogsite shut down.


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