There he goes again.

John McCain said it yesterday, the same way he and all the other Iraq war devotees do ---

"We will NEVER surrender in Iraq."

So my question is this:

"Who are they talking about? Who would they surrender to? The Liberal Media?"

They might LOSE this poorly planned venture into Human Sacrifice in Mesopotamia, but SURRENDER?

And when they lose, they will, as usual (and as they did after Vietnam) blame the loss on those who advised against diving into the quicksand in the first place, because -- like the recalcitrants in the audience who would have let Tinkerbell die -- THEY DIDN'T BELIEVE. (As if the Marines just can't fight if the folks at home don't believe and clap their hands.)

As to McCain and his "great experience:"

Ok, this is harsh, but the fact that he exhibited amazing courage and devotion to his men and to our country, doesn't make him an expert on the war in Vietnam. And that's in no way intended to diminish his courage and integrity. But war really isn't a religion, and while courage and integrity are important, it takes knowledge of strategy and tactics, and proper weaponry and proper training, and -- the bottom line -- a civilian administration consisting of draft dodgers and on person whose combat experience is limited to partial (and incompleted) service in the Air National Guard.

I don't call them "Chicken hawks" because I don't know that they were afraid (of combat).

I call them "Rec Room Patriots" because they were just too goddamn precious to serve the way all the others did and the only thing they were afraid of was losing their situation of privilege.

Back to Senator McCain: he actually saw less of that war than anyone who watched it at home on TV, not to mention the senators and congressmen who actually did service there: John Kerry and Bob Kerry and Hagel and Jim Robb and Jack Murtha and many others, most of them Democrats.

He fought from the air and then was captured and spent hideous hell-time isolated from the actual war. So he didn't come to the same conclusion the other did, the ones who were -- as their favorite cliche goes -- "boots on the ground" -- he never saw that it was an insanely vicious waste of lives. He's still insisting that patriotism means waving the flag and killing dark-skinned people. And pissing away the lives of those men and women who are willing to wear the uniform today.

If there's ANY Manchurian candidate this time around (and I don't believe there is) it would have to be John McCain.

But, of course, the nightmare comes from the fact that he DID surrender.


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