Hillary for VP? Wrong -- Hillary for AG

Vice President? Number two?

She wouldn't like it.

Besides, Obama might not want someone as VP -- someone in the line of succession -- who refers so casually to RFK's assassination.

And it's a bit of typical Clintonesque sleaziness for her to make her willingness to accept the VP slot in public rather than privately discussing it with Obama's people. Manipulative, low class and dishonorable.

No way a president could allow someone like that to be in the second slot.

But to get real -- if it's not John Edwards (first choice):

Hillary Clinton for Attorney General

Despite the fact that she and Obama despise each other, they have a pretty much identical vision of what they want for America.

She's a nasty, brilliant, aggressive, below-the-belt, dirty-fighting lawyer and could do more to bring real change to the USA as AG than as president and definitely more than as VP.

(Besides, what would Bill do? Often, after bypass surgery, doctors say the patient shows some signs of dementia and loss of acumen, this due to the period of time when not enough oxygen has gotten to the brain. He certainly seems to have lost a mental step or two.)

The best comment I've heard (wish I could remember who in order to give credit) is that the VP choice shouldn't be someone who'll help you get elected, but someone who'll be a useful part of the administration and help the president get RE-ELECTED.

Or to put it another way -- after what's gone down, what sort of judgment would it show to give this modern-day Livia a clean shot at your back?


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