What do you call a "dog in the manger" that's a female?

I HATE using the word "bitch" about or to women.

I hear it too much.

Yet it is a viable word to dog breeders, etc.

So when someone is a "dog in the manger,"* and that someone is a female dog in the manger, it's the appropriate word.


when I see this:


I think about that.

I was already pissed off with her attempt to PUBLICLY club Senator Obama into naming her (and Wet Willie) as running mate(s).

Just a fucking no-class move -- she didn't talk with HIM about it because she wanted her troop of Hillary Bacchae to scream and shout and threaten to vote for McCain to "get some respect."**

She seems to be pissed off that the invincible "Clinton Machine" done broke down.

So now that she's established herself as the incredibly tough woman who wouldn't let ANYTHING stop her, she's shifting to her ever-popular "I'm a victim because I'm a girl and the boys are beating up on me.:"

But she's know since MARCH that the numbers made it impossible for her to do anything but a symbolic finish.

Is she bargaining? Or is she just a malevolent bitch in the manger?

But why would a politican as intelligent as Barak Obama be willing to name a scorpion as his vice president? Give someone who's knives are out to stand behind him? If Obama needed any more proof that she can NOT be trusted to be a part of his administration (or the active Democratic Party, for that matter), this is it.

This should qualify her to get NOTHING in the new administration (see yesterday's post).

Just let her and Slick Willie sink in their own slime along with Terry McAuliffe and Howard Wolfson.

It's bad enough that Joe Scarborough is back. We have to witness this embarrassing debacle, too?

She's already losing A LOT of her supporters by being so ungracious and grudging.

Too clever by half.

To hell with her.


* In short, an Aesop fable about a dog who lay down to sleep in a manger and when the cattle came in to eat, attacked them -- even though he couldn't eat any of the straw, hay, etc that was there. Just refused to give it up because...

** Yeah, right, the man who -- in public, during a senatorial election address flipped out when his rich new wife tousled his hair and said "You're getting a bit thin up there." To which he went ballistic and yelled "Well at least I'm not slathering layers of makeup on my face like some whore, you cunt!" No tapes yet, but 4 professional journalists attest to having been there and heard it. So yeah -- they'll get a lot of respect from him.



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