Times like this, I REALLY wish I could believe ANYTHING our current government says...

Aug 2nd, 2008 | PESHAWAR, Pakistan -- A spokesman for a top Taliban official in Pakistan denied Saturday a U.S. media report that al-Qaida's No. 2 leader, Ayman al-Zawahri, may have been critically wounded or killed in a missile strike in recent days.

CBS News reported Friday it had obtained a copy of an intercepted letter from unidentified sources in Pakistan which urgently requested a doctor to treat al-Zawahri. The letter was purportedly from Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud and said al-Zawahri was in "severe pain" and his "injuries are infected."

Mehsud spokesman Maulvi Umar said, "We deny it categorically."

Pakistan army and intelligence officials also said they had no information that al-Zawahri was hit in a missile strike reported Monday in South Waziristan.


The problem with Cheney and Bush and Redrum and the rest of the lying sonsofbitches lying lying lying all the time is that when it's "truth be told" time we roll our eyes and shrug our shoulders and ask, whether to oneself or aloud, "Yeah, when's the last time we could actually BELIEVE anything that came from any of their mouths or press releases?"

They're the boys who played wolf too many times.

But if it's true...

Within a week after 9-11, a CIA op said that the only organization in the world that could have pulled off the synchronized horrors of that terrible day was Egyptian Hamas, saying "And I'm including the CIA in that list of organizations that couldn't have done it."

And that al-Zawhiri had been and still WAS Egyptian Hamas.

That Ben Ladn was just a figurehead, that al-Zawhiri was the strategist, the brains of Al-Quaeda, and that if we took out that nasty little bedbug who looked like Joe Pesci with beard and glasses, Ben Ladn could play hero all he wanted, but the ability to do major damage would be gone.

So -- THIS TIME AROUND -- despite everything, I can still hope that the murdering bastards in OUR government are speaking truth and actually took out the actual main man of THEIR murdering bastards.

And even though there's an election coming up and everyone knows this administration manufactures red alerts and good news according to their need, I WANT to believe this time.

My wife says I'm an optimist.


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