OK -- isn't it time to convince Dick Cheney to shut his obscene mouth?

The war criminals keep saying "It's only torture if the subject's life is in danger."

And, oh, yeah, only a couple were waterboarded --

But the unredacted 2004 CIA Inspector General's Report is coming out

It's all been one big giant fucking distraction campaign -- the report is out -- Americans tortured AND KILLED through torture more than 100 prisoners

And of course Dick Cheney knew it, right? He's always swaggering around talking about how HE read reports the rest of us haven't.

Hoist on his own mother-fucking petard.

So it's time -- have AG Holder do the investigation as is required by Treaty and then either turn him over to the World Court for Crimes Against Humanity

Or have one of our wonderful "rogue" agents visit him some night to show him EXACTLY what is meant by the word "torture," and shut him up.

Good Lord -- that inhuman vicious sneer in and of itself is a crime against humanity.


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