What the Repugnants fear

The remnants of what used to be the Republican party, having successfully purged anyone with more than half a brain over the past 10-20 years is in a state of terror --

It's complex -- there's the fear of being powerless, or as Rush Limbaugh puts it "having to bend over and grab your ankles for a black president." As my wife has pointed out, the likelihood of Limbaugh being ABLE to grab his ankles is beyond imagining. But he seems to keeps talking about being a world-famous sodomizee. (I don't know but I get this seriously unwholesome distasteful image of -- if someone could actually become engorged when looking at that monstrous butt -- Rush squealing in delight and doing a Sally Fields, chirping: "You like me! You really really like me!!)

There's the fear that their unrestrained theft, plunder and payoffs during the Bush-league/Cheney years shows up in unshredded documents that can be used for indictment.

There's the fear of the possible full-tilt Depression happening, and them getting blamed for it.

There's the fear that the big-time bribes they get from their masters will shrink, possibly even disappear.

But the biggest fear of all?

The fear that the Obama Administration might succeed. (We already see them spinning the amazing success of the Cash for Clunkers Program -- 250,000 new cars sold in ONE week -- as if it were a complete failure.)

That's the real fear -- that the multi-cultural society is coming up with solutions they weren't even interested in trying to find.

And they will do ANYTHING they can to make sure the country continues to suffer so they can come in with their BRAND NEW COMPLETELY ORIGINAL PLAN TO CUT TAXES and REPEAL CORPORATE REGULATIONS so as to pretend they're the angels of mercy...

in other words, they only have one real program:



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