Don't call them whores

Politicians, I mean.

The epithet is thrown because these men and women who spout high-minded ideals and endless justifications ultimately will do pretty much anything the person waving money tells them to do -- no matter how sleazy or corrupt.

But they don't call real whores "working girls" for nothing.

"Working girls" generally do NOT spout high-minded ideals to justify their careers.(Unless some journalist or anthropologist is paying for their time and asking the usual questions like "Why do you do this?")

People like to play a game in which a semantic homonym substitutes for actual meaning (or thought), and make a quip like: "Both screw people for money." (Ha-ha...the subject of the emotional development of politicians being almost as mature and sophisticated as that of a 9-year-old is a topic for another rant.)

Except that the word "screw," as applied to a politician is used in the sense of "fuck over" or "harm." When a whore screws someone for money, it involves giving that person some momentary pleasure and satisfaction.

There's a reason why, of course, that a parent is horrified when a child -- male or female -- decides being a whore -- or a politician --is his or her career choice.

And again, there's a difference.

Real whores are selling THEIR OWN asses to satisfy somone's eroto-fantasy, and parents who are not sexual hysterics fear for the real and devastating psychological and physical harm that most likely WILL be done to their child over years of being handled harshly and without care as well as the psychological and physical harm that society will cause, spitting epithets and saliva at the whore for whatever sexo-pathological fears their little minds conjure up.

On the other hand, congressional whores are selling OUR ASSES to satisfy the greed fantasies of the people who give them what they so charmingly call "campaign contributions." (The cardinal sin, in Washington, they say, is Telling the truth." Can't call them what they really are* -- bribes) And no parent wants to see the child become a soulless monster that lies and distorts reality until it's totally unrecognizable, ALMOST ALWAYS as part of the process of hurting, robbing, diminishing the people who voted for them. Regardless of which party they join.

Of course there are diseases passed along in both instances.

This situation was described in that same homonym as penned by Richard Rush and Lawrence Marcus in Richard Rush's amazing screen adaptation of Paul Brodeur's wonderful novel, THE STUNTMAN.

The director, Eli Cross (Peter O'Toole), is challenging his writer, Sam (Allen Goorwitz), to see the underlying reality he's filming, that reality being what he calls "the disease" carried by Vietnam veteran, Lucky (Steve Railsback).

Finally, Eli tells Sam that the disease is called paranoia.
And Sam quips:
"Is that a social disease like the clap?"
"Yes. You get both from screwing your fellow man."

But once again, the disease unintentionally passed along by the hard-working pleasure-monger -- unlike that passed along by politicians -- is often curable.

I always remember a 1971 quote made by a whore in an article in The Organ**

"We're not selling anything that doesn't belong to us -- and there isn't a politician or businessman who can make that same statement."

Actually, being totally without scruples or conscience, the businessmen and politicians probably can -- and would -- make that same statement, but it would be, like most of what they say, a shameless self-serving lie.

The late Howard Luck Gossage made a comment about a local San Francisco asshole so impressed with himself that anyone could spot him as a politician from 50 yards away. It seems to be applicable today, some 30+ years later, even more so, and to almost all of the politicians around:

"That man is trying to work his way up to being a horse's ass...
        but he hasn't got what it takes."


 *"Any man who calls things by their rightful name will surely be hanged."
John Wilmot, 2d Earl of Rochester
(April 1, 1647 – July 26, 1680)

**The Organ Reader, a 300+ page collection of almost everything every printed in the 9 legendary issues of The Organ magazine, has been published by Ramble House and is available from them, or Lulu.


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