If not for Alex Smith, Sunday would have been a TOTAL nightmare...

What an ominous beginning to the day ---

There was ex-President War Criminal 41 looking spaced, disoriented, and totally senile, as if those 100,000 Iraqis his boys buried alive were all rising up and pointing zombie fingers at him.

And standing next to him was his smarmy, sleazy, skeezy idiot bastard boy, ex-President War Criminal 43 smirking like an idiot with a hard-on. **

Couldn't have had a worse omen for the 49ers. 

And the Houston Texans (now THERE's a clever name) played solid killer football and kicked ass. For 30 minutes.

But then the QB who didn't have film for them that Texans to study came in and kicked ass in return. 

The only thing that kept their W was that time ran out. (And they can keep that OTHER "W.")

Bad enough to get beat on the road, but to have the two most hideously corrupt and vicious former presidents introduce the game was adding insult to the coming injury.

Maybe, in the interests of national health, Monkey Boy and Doddering Dad will confine themselves to only appearing at their paid seminars speeches.

Limit the suffering to those who are dumb enough to pay these assholes to  hear them babble on.  


** A friend contacted me to point out that, apparently, The War Crime Industry is a family business. At least 3 generations of monsters -- 41, 43, and gramps, too, who sold bonds for Hitler, and didn't even stop funneling money into the Third Reich after we were at war with Germany and their money was paying for bullets to kill US servicemen, and kept doing it for 10 more months, after which congress took him aside and said: "You know this really doesn't look too good." (Because they were too rich to bust. Why? Do you think our elected representatives kissing the ass of the ruling class is a new thing?)


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