Little Joey Liebermann, an old-fashioned fellow ...

Why do I say that?

He's almost single-handedly resurrected the mytho-image of the greedy, vicious, money-grubbing Jew that had been in disfavor since the end of the Third Reich.

And as non greedy, non-money-grubbing Jew, I resent his very existence as a perverted mutant waste of human protoplasm that also makes people look at me as if I were part of it. (To be clear, there are the  International Jewish Bankers and the International Jewish Conspiracy. One is about getting rich, rich, rich -- the other, the one in which I work -- is the anarchic communistic chaos-inciting side where we stay poor but have more fun. I do NOT like people assuming I'm actually making money at this labor of love.

Back to Joey -- why is he going to help filibuster health care reform if it includes anything resembling "Public Option?"

Well, for starters, he isn't even running for re-election in 2010 but has already shaken-down the following people for the following amounts:
 Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) has accepted, on behalf of his campaign committee and Leadership PAC, at least $1,144,604 from health care related industries for the 2010 election, one in which he's not even running:

* $469,644 from the Insurance Industry
* $369,370 from Health Professionals
* $305,590 from Pharmaceuticals/Health Products

And even though an overwhelming number of Connecticut residents (68%) are in favor of public option, little Joey is against it..
Well maybe because the huge amount of stock he and Hadassah own in companies such as Aetna went skyrocketing the day he announced he would shoot down any attempt to serve the voters of his state by supporting what they want.

In other words, he got a huge payoff for being a sonofabitch.

Some may call that a conflict of interest. I call that taking a bribe. Maybe setting up his retirement fund for when the Connecticut voters tar and feather him and ride him and Hadassah out of town on a rail. But not on the Sabbath, because he's "an orthodox Jew." (The fact that he has no beard and etc etc etc doesn't seem to bother anyone. Orthodox Jew? He's a fucking Mormon if he's anything.)

We always knew he was a sonofabitch, but didn't realize how handsomely it was paying.

And that's not the whole of it -- there are 4,517 Insurance Companies in Connecticut, and they ALL make money as if they were printing it in their basements.

And each exec and employee can contribute up to $2400 to the candidate they (or their bosses) choose.

If you look up the words: "Greedy sleazy, vicious, signifying sonofabitch" in a dictionary, you'll see a photo of little Joey Lieberman, winner of the 2009 "Biggest waste of human protoplasm" Award.


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