A note on the posting below --

"95% of them are good MEN."

Priests are MEN.

Good MEN, not Good PEOPLE...

Not being a member of that church -- and especially not privy to such secret inner teachings as there might be -- as someone who is just an ignorant outsider, I find the "No girls allowed" in the Priest Club attitude really stupid, depriving women of full participation and depriving itself of the universality it claims.

The reason for priests MUST be men, at least as told by Jimmy Breslin in his novel, He Got Hungry and Forgot His Manners was that the inner teaching (rationale for why women can NOT be priests) is that sperm is the vehicle of the Holy Spirit.

If that is so (and I have no way of knowing if it is or isn't) then the large intestines of Altar Boys must be right up there with the holiest of holes. 


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