Casey Anthony -- not guilty, OK? This is more about "Burn the Witch" than law or crime

Real simple, the prosecution never proved the case. Nancy Grace and the rest of the harpies didn't need proof, they came right out from day one screaming "SHE'S A MONSTER -- BURN HER!!"
Sorry Nancy, you must have been looking in a mirror when you made that judgment.

It's interesting to me that a woman who once represented the law is so viciously opposed to any result in the legal system that doesn't meet her approval. It's like "prosecution" isn't a legal procedure to her, but a religion -- and the way she shrieks it -- a cult.

The similarity to the O.J. Trial is thin, except for the fact that it was obvious, when the O.J. Case went to jury, Marcia Clark and the rest of the team had failed to make a case any stronger than "Well... he probably did it. Maybe."
But then the time line didn't work.
Either way, you can't convict on "probably.
Of course she and Garcetti and the rest of them blame everyone but themselves.
The fact was they were outmaneuvered --- Robert Shapiro cornered them. He realized they shouldn't have arrested him so early, because it allowed him, according to the constitution, to demand they go to trial soon.

Too soon, since they had to open without the DNA results, and that made the prosecution act like the defense in anticipation of what the labs might say. And that was the trick. All it needed then was a brilliant trial lawyer -- enter Johnny Cochran. But the reality was: THEY DIDN"T PROVE THEIR CASE.

Same with Casey Anthony, and as one juror put it -- "We all thought she was guilty, but when the prosecution couldn't even establish the cause of death... well how do you prove she did it when they can't prove what happened, what she was supposed to have done?"
The difference? They prosecution had her in a cage for 32 months, and if you can't get enough evidence to convict in almost 3 years, it raises the thought of the prosecution having gotten its law degree in a Cracker Jack box

But now we have the dance of the mob screaming "BURN THE WITCH!!! DON'T LET HER GET AWAY!!!"
Traditional. People who think they're Christians have been torturing and killing young women for 1000 years and more. It's kind of a sexual thing, the prettier the girl, the more horrible they want the punishment to be.

Generally, standing around and watching and listening to her screams of agony (and inhaling the smoke like it's God's own doobie) while a young woman burns to death is the approved format.

Great book if you want to know the tradition of these Christ-mongering monsters: I>Europe's Inner Demons Norman Cohn (Basic Books, 1975 + many later editions)

You want to see a REAL demon? She's on the headline news channel almost every night.


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