What if your neighbor were like the congressional GOP?

Let's see ---

The guy next door spends and spends and borrows and spends and borrow more to buy guns and guns and guns and he glad hands the local bankers and businessmen buying them lunches and luxury items to keep his credit alive to buy more guns...

meanwhile his wife and kids are going without shoes and suffer from running sores and malnutritive diseases and are reduced to begging on the street with only the unwholesome option of kissing the ass of those Christian Charities that will help with food and all they want is for the suffering people to sell them your soul.

Would you think he's sane?

The GOP is another matter ...

They quote scripted lines -- "Can't tax the people who provide jobs" (so ok, let's tax every corporation that has LOST employees since the Bush tax cuts came in) "The government can't create jobs" (what about FDR and WPA, CCC, etc? "Those were just temporary jobs for a few years." But... "People got to eat and have a place to live and take care of their families for a few years..." "Liberal claptrap. Kumbaya whining.")

They quote statistics: "Every poll shows Americans want to reduce the deficit."


If I can hold down my rising gorge and actually make a leap of faith and say
(1) they're not really lizard people wearing skin masks, but are actually human beings;
(2) if they ARE human, and they're not COMPLETELY psychotic ... then why do they act like that, like sociopathic 2-year-olds in suits throwing tantrums when anyone suggests they don't care about people, then what's left?

The bribes they take (ooops -- campaign contributions) bind them to their masters, and abandoning that debt promises dire consequences (Hey -- JFK and Bobby owed the Illinois mob for getting them into the White House and then, instead of repaying their debt, Bobby, that nasty little terrier who used to bark for Joe McCarthy, yapped and barked and snapped at and bit the people who put them up on top of the world ...)


As fond as I am of quotes (since people much wiser than I am have seen and commented on the same things) here are a few I think are relevant

A: How can they think all demonstrable needs for increased revenue are merely liberal "tax-and-spend" rationalizations (as opposed to GOP "spend-and-borrow" rationalizations)

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it." Upton Sinclair
B: Why they think all all humanitarian issues are merely liberal bleeding-heart whining and they quote from their amazing list of made-up statistics:

"Statistics are human beings with the tears wiped off." Paul Brodeur

C: How did it all get so crazy?

"The biggest business in America is not steel, automobiles, or television. It is the manufacture, refinement and distribution of anxiety ... Logically extended, this process can only terminate in a mass nervous breakdown or in a collective condition of resentment..." Eric Severeid (Quoted in Organ Magazine, 1971)

D: SO, are they just a bunch of fanatics? Maybe.

"Fanaticism is overcompensation for doubt." Robertson Davies
"Fanaticism consists in redoubling your effort when you have forgotten your aim."
-- Santayana

E: Why does the public put up with it, can't they think?

"If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you;
But if you really make them think, they'll hate you."
Don Marquis (1878 - 1937)

BUT ... if you showed them...

"Any man who calls things by their rightful name will surely be hanged."
John Wilmot, 2d Earl of Rochester (April 1, 1647 – July 26, 1680)

BUT... come one...

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."
— Albert Einstein

SO THEN, with the GOP acting like over-sugared kindergartners fighting and screaming and destroying themselves, why hasn't Obama been stepping in until now? Does he know something they don't?

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 - 1821)

--- I hope he's right...All I can add:

"Where in the waste is the wisdom?"
-- James Joyce Finnegans Wake


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