Hideous business in Norway

Right-wing Christian Fundie goes to a Labor Party Summer Camp and between his guns and the bomb, 93 dead.

Hideous enough, even if some Sea Shepherd supporters (like me) might feel inclined to compare the psychotic horror movie level of carnage to that perpetrated by Norway's Minke whale and baby Harp Seal killers. (I remember someone asking Rush Limbaugh -- of all people -- after the Japanese tsunami, why would Gaia harm Japan, after all, they make the environmentally friendly Prius. And I remember thinking, "Well if we're talking about directed havoc from a nature God or Goddess -- a sea deity like Poseidon -- "Go ask a fucking whale. ")

So it wasn't Muslim terrorists (sorry Pizzaman Herman Cain) but uptight white boy rightie(s), kind of like the USA's own Oklahoma City bombers, synagogue murderers, Abortion doctor killers, etc.

And then, in a classic bit of American bad taste, an American state department official protecting his ass and budgets while his people are flooding news outlets with threat threat threat of possible Al Quaeda offshoots, said: "Well, you know it's the exception that proves the rule, so even though it wasn't Muslim terrorists, maintaining Homeland Security measures might have prevented or limited this." (Yeah, and if Dick Cheney had actually read the 1999 Hart-Rudman Commission Report on preventing terrorism and acted on it as he was charged to do,if he'd read it instead of circular filing it, he might have prevented 9-11, except both Hart and Rudman were too decent to say so when asked.)

OK -- first of all -- It's the exception that PROOFS the rule, i.e., it TESTS IT, meaning if there is an exception the rule isn't valid.

The only rule that statement proves is that we have some seriously illiterate assholes representing the USA in the State Department, formerly (before the Red Scare Days), formerly a government organization staffed by educated people.

And it proves he's the sort of superficial asshole who never even thought about "proves the rule" and thought "That doesn't make any fucking sense at all."

Of course, anyone who thinks along those lines ("Does this make sense?") might not want to work for a government agency.

Second, Upton Sinclair once pointed out something absolutely important to know in a society where anything you see is sponsored by someone who's getting paid:

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it."

As I said, it's bad enough that some Xtian subhuman rained death on a bunch of youngsters gathered together to have fun and think about a better world.

It just compounds it when someone standing safely aside interjects himself and uses the horror to advance a political agenda.


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