Tim Pawlenty -- not just an empty suit

Nossir -- he's a genuine posturing, primping, craven, filled right-up-to-the-top sack of shit.

Candy Crowley asks him: "What would YOU do?"

And he comes up with the same: "It's HIS fault! He didn't keep his promises! He should be leading!!"

So ok, he says "Balanced Budget amendment."

And she says, "But that wouldn't address the current problem, the debt limit, so what would you do right now?"

And he says: "He's bad... HE'S bad..."

And instead of going on, Ms Crowley, does what they all do ... lets up instead of risking access and risking that great big paycheck."

Tim Pawlenty: his campaign?

"Nigger nigger nigger*, evil faggots*, evil dykes*, evil liberals, president is a coward..."

"And what would YOU do, Governor with 2% of Republican voters saying they'd vote for you?"

"No traditional marriage. We need fiscal responsibility. If you let THEM get married, then OUR marriages are hurt. They're NOT equal to us, not not not."

Yup -- he's got an attitude a mile long, but ask him "what would YOU do?" and we see he's nothing but a feces-flinging second-rate primate. And not even an Alpha male.

* I don't use this language or condone it, but when he speaks of the President or of Gay rights, I'm quoting the words being printed in big block letters across his forehead.


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