What Would Bill Hicks Say?

A contest for the best written answer to that question:

What Would Bill Hicks Say?

And Soft Skull Press, those heroes of basement publishing, have put out a book:

Love All the People
Letters, Lyrics, Routines

They link to the contest but they use a quote from Dennis Miller on their index page attesting to Bill Hicks having been a genius and having been "
one of the five best comics I've ever seen in my life."

Funny, because if you really think about what Bill Hicks would say about Dennis Miller it would be something like, "He got all scared by 9-11 and started waving a flag so he could keep working and finally just became a whore for American fascism." The only wrong move I've seen Soft Skull make, using that nasty has-been to endorse his betters.

(Also -- check out the other books published by Soft Skull -- you won't see them around, or, more properly, they've published them BECAUSE you wouldn't otherwise see them around. Good stuff. Good people.)


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