It's almost painful to watch as they're totally blowing it -- cranky, short-tempered -- it's called "FLOP SWEAT"

Strong Rebuke for the Kremlin From Cheney

MOSCOW, May 4 — Vice President Dick Cheney on Thursday delivered the Bush administration's strongest rebuke of Russia to date. He said the Russian government "unfairly and improperly restricted" people's rights and suggested that it sought to undermine its neighbors and to use the country's vast resources of oil and gas as "tools of intimidation or blackmail."


It's the macho version of whining.
Condi snapping at Colin Powell and the Iranians and everyeone else.
Bushie threatening his own litter-bearers (i.e., Republican Congress).
Cheney yelling at the Russians.

We've seen it before -- example, I seem to remember Dan Marino screaming and yelling at his linemen when the Dolphins were down by 20+ points in the 4th quarter of the superbowl against the 49ers.

Or -- as his secretary told and we saw in the movie about the Bunker -- Hitler when he realized the Russians were knocking on the door. Pointing fingers, screaming, shouting, blaming everyone else in the world but the true perp -- the one in the mirror, and finally, doing a Rumplestiltskin.

Like that.

And it would truly painful to watch if:

(1) These people weren't such nasty hypocrites that watching them scream in pain as their vainglorious megalomaniacal world-domination fantasies disintegrate into shreds.

(2) If their personal political and public destruction would hurt America any more than they already have.

(3) If karma and hubris weren't OBVIOUSLY the same thing with these evil clowns.

(4) Cheney didn't have to go all the way to Lithuania to be able to pound his shoe on the table in anger.

(5) Redrum Rumsfeld wasn't so panicked he actually had to go do an open meeting where the audience members hadn't been screened, and some actually didn't love him.

(6) They hadn't told us over and over and over again that we were disloyal anti-American scum and Saddam-lovers and besically, that if we didn't agree with every tit and jottle they put out there, we were traitors.

So fuck 'em.

They made the ground rules.

They obviously have considered South park's Eric Cartman to be their role model.

So let them -- to use an old Republican phrase -- let them twist slowly in the wind, screaming from the spoiled-brat pain of not getting everything they want all the way.

We Americans (i.e., people who want to live our own lives and not try to tell everyone else how to live theirs) will endure, and when they're out of office, we will win back the respect of the world with a very simple sincere gesture -- turning them all over to the World Court to be tried for Crimes Against Humanity.

And that includes Joey Lieberman and Hilary Clinton.

If any of them had ever actually had to deliver the goods for a living, they'd know the old saw that is currently biting them in the ass:

"Be careful the asses you kick on the way up -- they're the same ones you have to kiss on the way down."

They're the ones who declared US to be worthless, so the hell with them. We already despise them for what they've done and the way they've treatred us. Let them sink to their own (true) level. Better than than them (scares me) blowing it all up in a fit of pique because they can't handle not being little Gods.


Meanwhile, did I ever tell you about a couple of people who actually gave did some important things, gave valuable worthwhile contriburions to the world -- Scriabin and Kandinsky -- and how their friendship was based on both having the condition known as synaesthesia?


Well, I will, very soon.

It's a much more interesting story than that tired old one about nasty boys and girls wanting to rule the world.

That's a story -- as William Burroughs would have had it -- that's been dragging its sorry ass around the world since the beginning of time ... and it never gets any better or any less boring.


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