Wowie Zowie -- there goes Moussaoui

or: Adventures of a Second-Rate Asshole

Moussaoui Given Life Term by Jury Over Link to 9/11

A federal jury rejected the death penalty for Zacarias Moussaoui on Wednesday, with some jurors concluding that he played only a minor role in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.


OK -- here's the deal:

1. It's a mixed blessing to be spared the death penalty because the jury has decided they think you're too stupid, too full of crap, and too incompetent to be responsible.

2. Of course he taunted the jury -- it's de riguer to talk tough when your avowed intent to put your life on the line for the cause has never been tested, never been anything more than just talk (i.e., George W Bush).

He's 37 years old.
He SAYS he won.
Let's see how he feels about that after some 20 or 30 years of 23/7 solitary confinement.
If he wants to be a martyr, he'll have to try to hang himself in his self without belt or shoelaces.

(And I don't think you get 73 virgins for suicide. Besides, who wants 73 virgins anyway, except some guy who's worried about his manhood. You offer a man 73 very hot and knowledgeable women who laugh a lot and know tricks, and perhaps you'll get more takers.)


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