Dr. York to piss all over SanFrancisco and the 49er Faithful

"The San Francisco 49ers will abandon their namesake city and look to build a stadium in Santa Clara, after concluding that their plan to build a stadium and retail-housing complex at Candlestick Point will not work, team officials said today.

At a press conference in Santa Clara, at a hotel next door to the proposed new site, 49ers co-owner John York said paying for transportation improvements and a new parking garage at Candlestick Point would at least double the $600 million to $800 million that the team is willing to spend on a new home."


So this parasitic pissant York rides in on his wife's claim to Eddie D's team and decides "the stadium deal didn't pencil out."

He drags the name of San Francisco and the 49ers through the muck because of his cheap know-it-all stupidity and then decides he just can't bear to dip into the family fortune to pay for his privilege of being allowed to stand atop one of the great football heritages without ever having done anything to earn it.

Him and Monkey Boy Bush -- punkass kids who ride in on family money and family accomplishments without ever having done anything to earn respect or experience.

He was an entry level punk starting as owner.

One suggestion: declare Eminent Domain on the team that bears the name of the city and make it city property, as the Green Bay Packers. At the very least, it will tie the lying little shit up in court for years.

And all I can say to John York is this:

"If you make the move, you'd be wise to NEVER let the sun set on you in the Bay Area. There are a lot of people around here who do not believe in your balance sheet, you cheap traitor. Even Benedict Arnold did what he did based on higher principles than yours. I guess your wife told you she didn't want to keep Eddie D's team here where it belongs."

It's bad enough we, in the East Bay, had to suffer the return of Al Davis after he pssied all over the city that stood by him as he built the Raiders -- but at least he's a football guy and he actually put his team together.

All Dr. York did was take what others loved and created and built and improved on and suffered and celebrated with. What a piece of walking talking shit is Dr. York.

Fuck you and the ratbag wife you rode in on.


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