It doesn't make sense for the GOP to eschew Nancy Pelosi

Seems to me, a Speaker of the House who not only has no night sweats about gays, but actually regards Gay men and women as -- gasp! -- human beings, Americans, citizens, actual people -- well, given what we've been learning about the overly-macho Republican men, seems to me, they'd want someone like Ms Nancy running things ...


depending on how many (if not all) are closeted self-hating men who -- straight or gay or just asexual greedheads who get their chubbies from a balance sheet -- are in serious denial about their anxieties and fears about their own sexuality ("Am I gay? Am I straight? I like hanging out with the guys -- does that make me gay?") -- the fact that Ms Pelosi is (along with Ms Boxer, Ms Lee, and even Ms Di-Di) a GYNO-AMERICAN might be what they find so offensive.

The fact is San Francisco is not a particularly "liberal" city ... it is, more or less, what it always has been, a conservative city which accepts all varieties of human beings as being equally valid.

(Conservative as in "Let's make sure the sewers are working, the potholes filled in, and let people live their own lives without giving any interference from such scum as politicians tend to be.")


And to those Republicans I mentioned above, I give the same advice I gave to my boss back at a major ad agency where I once worked. He was concerned about still being unmarried in his 30's and still hanging out with his pal, an Art Director.

And he wondered and asked me "How do I find out if I'm gay or not?" And I suggested he find a nice young man (OF LEGAL AGE!) and give him a blow job. His answer would be evident as to whether or not he liked doing it.

Of course he didn't take my advice -- instead he showed up a week or so later with a wife -- a kick-ass woman wearing thigh-high boots and a short skirt, looked like a former Super Star at Wanda's House of Pain.


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